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Welcome to Building Futures : Always Building Online Workshop! We're so happy you found this online STEAM-resource made just for you.  Watch our workshop videos, build along with our challenges, download projects you can do just about anywhere and share what you're creating with our Community!

Video Workshop

Spend time creating and making in our video workshop and share with us what you create!

To access more Always Building videos - look to the upper right corner of the YouTube video player and click the three bars with the play icon.  Enjoy!

Share Your Creations with Building Futures:

+ Use the hash tag #BuildingfuturesSTL
+ Tag @BuildFutureStl on Facebook 
+ Tag @Buildingfutures_STL on Instagram

Student Challenges

See what other students are making - what will you create today?

Do it Yourself Projects

We've partnered with Cara Murphy-Smith of In the Field STL to bring you a well-rounded offering of learning projects and activities.  Please share what you create online or email/mail it to us for us to post for you!

Click and download the free project guides below!

Be Part of the Process

You can be part of the providing students at-home learning supplies and projects by donating $5 to support our student packet learning programming.

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