Building Futures' Programs

We provide diverse and accessible STEAM-based design/build experiences for young people of all abilities and backgrounds. With hands-on training in manual and power woodworking tools, technology, and design techniques students pair critical thinking and problem-solving with methodologies that aid in self-discovery and viable career skills.  

Building Futures holds free, year-round Saturday workshops at its 5000 sq. ft woodshop and design studio, as well as partners with schools across the St. Louis region providing In-School and After-School programs, and is continuing its third annual summer boat-building camp this year.

In-School Programs

Services:  School Day and After School

Building Futures’ In-School curriculum engages the entire student. The workshop activities are tailored to meet the needs of the particular school and are incorporated into the school’s curriculum. 

We cultivate learning by integrating Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as the program’s academic foundation and learning approach.  In that students learn differently and have different “gifts”, the incorporation of this academic foundation allows for a diverse group of learners to benefit from the programs.  

Students who are challenged or failing in school find success with Building Futures.

Upcoming Events:

Summer STEAM Academy | June 1st - 30th, 2020

To enroll your school for Summer STEAM Academy, please contact Frank Lorberbaum.


In the Workshop

Services:  Free Saturday Workshop 

In our eighth year, our Free Saturday Workshop serves Young Learners, entering grades 3rd– 12th, by introducing skills that promote: Self-expression, Collaboration, Critical and Lateral thinking, Responsibility, Independence, and  personal sense of empowerment.

Students are introduced to a project and use their design/build skills to create a solution through hands-on, STEAM-based learning elements such as woodworking, hand and power tools, computer modeling, and more.

Through staff, Board members, and committed volunteers, the teacher to student ratio is consistently 1:5; averaging 25 students per class.

Download the 2020 Workshop Calendar.

Spring Break + Summer Camps

Services:  Spring Break,  Summer STEAM Academy, Triple Play Summer Camp, St. Louis' Boat Building Camp

Our  camp options are just as diverse as your Young Learner! Select from the following camps to learn more and enroll:



Ideas At Work

Here's a few core projects students are introduced to when they first start creating in the Building Future's workshop.


Design Your Ideal Bedroom

3rd Grade

Students design their ideal bedroom. Check out some of the final results and how the process works by clicking See the Process below!

See the Process


5th Grade

Students design and build an analog clock. Check out some of the final results and how the process works by clicking See the Process below!

See the Process

Animal Storage Unit

6th - 8th Grade

Students design and build a storage unit for their bedroom that looks like their favorite animal. Check out some of the final results and how the process works by clicking See the Process below!

See the Process

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